The Announcer's Guide: Basketball

The Announcer's Guide: Basketball is perfect for that youth league announcer who wants to spruce up his/her child's game, the high school announcer who wants to take their game to the next step, or the professional announcer who's always looking to improve.  Used by announcers from all levels, this guide comes complete information on what to announce and when.

Included in The Announcer's Guide: Baseball,
- What you should have and bring with you to announce
- Advice to make you sound well on the P. A. system
- A pre-game welcome
- Starting Line-Ups Helper Sheets to help with your starting line-ups
- Examples on how to announce baskets, fouls, foul shots, time outs and more including all of the violations that can happen during the course of a basketball game
- NEW CD with
actual examples of how to announce the different elements of basketball

The Announcer's Guide: Basketball
is available now for only $9.95 (FREE Regular Shipping and Handling). 


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