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Are You A P. A. Announcer? Join THE NETWORK for Free

No Comments Announcing is designed to be dedicated resource for P. A. announcers and those looking for P. A. announcers.  This is why we created “The Network”, where P. A. announcers can post about themselves, their sports, their location and even post audio samples of their work.  If you’re a sports P. A. announcer at any level, and would like to join The Network, please copy the text below, fill out all the information and click here to e-mail it to us.

We’ll be happy to add your information.  Also, please include links to sample videos or audio of your work, and include a good photograph of yourself that we can use on your page.

Current Area (can be two for college students):
First Year Announcing:
Sports You Announce:
Sports You Would Like To Announce (beyond the above):
Email address:
Major-professional teams you currently announce for (MLB, NHL, NBA, WTT, MISL, NFL, MLS, etc.):
Minor-professional teams you currently announce for (MiLB, AHL, ECHL, NBDL, etc. these are pro leagues that aren’t the top of their ladder):
Former Major-professional teams you announced for:
Former Minor-professional teams you announced for:
Amateur teams you work with (these are organizations that do not pay their players, like NCAA, Little League Baseball, USA Hockey, etc. Please list the TEAMS you’re working with):
Amateur organizations you work with (these are the governing bodies such as NCAA, NAIA, USA Hockey, etc.  Please list how you work with them):
Teams you emcee for (if any):

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