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Billboard Releases “100 Best Jock Jams” List

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Best of lists, yeah they’re always up for debate.  Most of the time people send us lists like these, they contain songs that really shouldn’t be on the list and were probably put on there by someone close to the group.

This list, is a very good compilation of songs that you should have…well 99% of them anyway.  100 Greatest Jock Jams of All Time

The one on the list that we tend to avoid is Rock and Roll Pt. 2 by Gary Glitter.  Not because it’s overplayed, heck that’s what really makes a Jock Jam, a song that’s pretty much overplayed and played everywhere.  It’s more due to Gary Glitter’s legal issues that can be found with a simple Google search.

Click the link above and take a look.

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