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Monday Music Review: December 2016 Week 1

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We’re on the final track toward the end of the year and music has given us a gift so far this month.  Good music, check it out below.

Walk the Line – Halsey

There has been a plethora of really good, soulful remakes of some popular songs.  I don’t see this song making it into a rotation per se, but it is fun to have on hand, maybe to play loudly as a guilty pleasure while the stadium is empty.

The Enforcer – Monster Truck

Teams are using this for intro videos, highlight reels, and in-game use.  It rocks, get it.

Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue featuring J. P. Cooper

This is in our Kiss Cam list because it can be a nice change from your typical love songs, and who knows maybe you put some strangers on the video board.

Feeling Good – Chel

A fun, upbeat, feeling good song.  Walk-in, but could find it’s way into in-game play when the game is out of hand.

Crash – Against Me!

Good rock sound, could use in-game or for walk-in.  A little on edge which makes it good for multiple situations.

29 – Run River North

Fast pace, good for walk-in or between periods to keep the pace up and modern.

Entrance Theme – Five Stone

We’ve heard some great sports rock from them, here’s a good one to use for introductions or a build to a team welcome.

Empire – Iconoclast

This is a good rocker that the Ottawa Senators use to start periods.  It’s a good one to have in your collection.

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