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Monday Music Review: November 2016 Week 4

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We’re getting into some pretty good songs here.  A good mix of music from all genres in this this.

Yesterday’s Song – Hunter Hayes

Another good country song, we’ve been getting a lot of good country lately than can be added for walk-in or even to change up the in-game a little.  If you have a country crowd, this could wind up in there, especially with the call-and-response about 2:30 into the song.

Clap Your Hands – Munroe

Would’ve hoped for a better combination of “Clap Your Hands” and a clap track, but this is a good start.  There is a part to the song that has a bit of a clap track.

Not Gonna Break Me – Jamie N Commons

A slow rocker, walk-in song or as a build going into a period.

Collider – X Ambassadors and Tom Morello

A good hockey song, can also see it used as a build for football.  Give it a listen.

Side to Side – Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj

Not a must have, but something that can fill for you.

Body Moves – DNCE

Has the flavor of what we’ve heard out of Bruno Mars lately.  This could be a nice pairing with 24K Magic.  It’s not quite a Dance Cam song, but could be with a faster BPM.

We Want Fun – Andrew WK

This song is upbeat and fast, however does talk about getting wasted.  This could be edited out and would make a nice addition to your lesser-heard music.

Walk As One – Five Stone

They had a great sports hit with “We Are One”, now they’re back with another hard rocking, multi-faceted song.  Pick it up for any sport.

Hillbilly Fire – Jeff Dane

Country music, you’re doing great lately.  Keep producing stuff like this.  It rocks, it’s upbeat, you can find a way to use it in-game (between innings, stoppages) or as walk-in.

Walkashame – Meghan Trainor

The only reason we’re putting this on the list is it’s a funny song that could be used for some situations like taking a goalie out or strikeouts.  It does have references to drinking, but it’s a funny song that your more mature audiences may enjoy.

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