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Shawn Parker’s Success Due to His Drive

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This is one of the most exciting posts I’ve had the opportunity to write, because it’s close to home!!!  Congratulations SHAWN PARKER!

Shawn Parker is the new voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and I’ve known for a while.  Why?  Because Shawn has done some announcing for me over the years and when a job came up recently that he was perfect for, Shawn had to turn me down because he was moving.

I’m so proud of Shawn for all of his hard work that he’s done over the years not just on the microphone, but the work behind it to get to where he is today.

He has announced several events for me over the years including at the World Police and Fire Games, along with several one-offs.  He tried out for the Washington Valor P. A. position last March and was on my short list of announcers in the event I needed a back-up.  Why?  Because he’s great, and the Timberwolves are getting an awesome announcer.

Shawn used his network, kept in contact, and did a tremendous job.  Even getting put on some blowout hockey games during a USA Hockey National Championship in Reston, Va., he jumped in and didn’t just fill spots, he owned them.  The tournament personnel kept asking about him and talking about him.  That’s a good thing!

Last year, when I started working for Monumental Sports & Entertainment and wasn’t able to broadcast a game for the network, he jumped in and did a great job with the broadcast.  He had experience from broadcasting the Purple Puck hockey tournament with Synthesis Multimedia, who we have used for video board and broadcasting services in the past.  It’s a small community and we like to welcome new members while taking care of each other!

All announcers can learn something from his journey to the NBA.  Work hard, and announce when you can.  He was the voice of the DC Divas football team, moving with them during their treks at different home fields around the DC area.  He wound up catching on at George Washington University doing many sports for them (ironically, after I was there and wasn’t able to do it anymore because of growing opportunities for myself).

Minnesota, Big Sy does a great job for the Lynx, and now you’ve got a great voice coming with Shawn.  Heck Alan Roach who is a worldwide P. A. announcer calls games in Minnesota.  The P. A. announcing world is now shining bright on the Twin Cities and it’s going to be a fun ride.

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