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This Is Why You Preview Music – NOT SAFE FOR WORK or YOUNG EARS

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Oh Snoop Dogg.  D, to the O, to the double-G.  You’re a youth football coach, your songs have been part of sports at all levels for decades.  You’ve found your way into the hockey community before most people even knew what hockey was.  But man, your performance at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition was over the top.

Hired by the NHL powers-that-be to play the music for the introductions of the skills competition, Snoop chose to go with an unedited piece of music.  Unfortunately, in just a short amount of time, so much was said that couldn’t be unheard leaving Kenny Albert to apologize after the fact.


This is a nightmare situation that’s shared by many in game operations from all levels and only goes to stress why you MUST preview all music before it’s played.  This is why rehearsals are required just to make sure it’s all good and nothing goes wrong.

Don’t worry Snoop, we’re not mad at you.  Keep making good music, we’ll use the edited versions though.

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