• Arguments, To Play (Music) Or Not To Play

    Arguments, To Play (Music) Or Not To Play0

    It’s not as simple as Shakespeare might make it out to be in Hamlet.  Do you let the situation be, or do you get involved in an indirect way, that is the question.  And this comes up much more when there is an argument or other disagreement on the field in baseball. This question was

  • Essentials For P. A. Announcers

    Essentials For P. A. Announcers0

    It’s the weekend and a great time to head out to do some shopping for those essentials you might not have thought about having with you.  We’re going to look at some of those essentials right now, and why should should have them. Thumb Drives/Flash Drives – they’re cheap, they’re portable, and they’re a great

  • Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day0

    One of the great things about being a dad is seeing your kids do their best to mimic you.  Well, I’m using today, Father’s Day, to celebrate a moment that happened last Sunday when my son, got to announce for his sister who was playing in a T-Ball All-Star Game. While I had the honor

  • Do They Really Know It Bothers Us?

    Do They Really Know It Bothers Us?0

    There are some things, as game ops people, that bother us when others do or say something but not mean any malice when all they’re trying to do is be helpful. Nothing bothers me more than when I do a mic check and someone shouts out, “IT WORKS”. Oh, so many sarcastic comments run through

  • Myths:  You Can’t Broadcast and Announce at the Same Time

    Myths: You Can’t Broadcast and Announce at the Same Time0

      In all honesty, I thought this wasn’t possible either because the radio guys are always talking and the P. A. announcer has to talk.  But during baseball, I would find myself doing play-by-play to myself and others in the pressbox.  It was always fun to do a few things, have some fun then go

  • Getting Paid in Honor & Experience

    Getting Paid in Honor & Experience0

    Recently, we’ve fielded phone calls and seen messages online from P. A. announcers who are getting offers of “get paid in valuable experience” and “the honor of working in professional baseball”. These two sentences should be looked at closely when you’re put in the situation of being hired for an announcing job. There are many