Now that you’ve had the chance to prepare, there are some things to keep in the back of your mind while announcing.  Some will surprise you, some may intimidate you, but these are just some things to remember.


The Public Address announcer is also a salesman.  Your role may also include sponsorship announcements and an effective announcer combined with an effective announcement will make the sponsor happy.  They get more business, they’ll be more likely to spend more with you team.

You’re also helping to sell your team.  Whether it’s concessions, souvenirs, upcoming games, etc., it’s your job to remind fans of these amenities and by doing so, you’ll be selling fans on spending their money.  Don’t take this to thinking you have to wheel-and-deal with fans, but to remember that you’re not just lending a voice because someone has to do it, you have a role that has more responsibility than just announcing a player’s name when they participate in your event.


Don’t ever be afraid of feedback from fans.  This is good, whether you find it positive or negative.  The negative comments may help you become a better announcer because those comments are the kind telling you what the fans don’t like.  Take feedback as its own individual thing regardless of who is telling you, then think about who is telling you.

If you hear from one fan that’s always talking to you that “fans” don’t like how to announce something, ask yourself if you’ve heard this from anyone else.  If the answer is yes, you might want to work on that part of your game.  If it is no, then consider the request, investigate a little if you like, but understand it may just be a fan voicing their opinion and not a popular opinion.

However, if you heard from 10 different people that they don’t like how much you announce during the games, then that’s starting to be a problem.  When it’s a group, take their feedbac and consider all the options about how to solve the problem.