Game Production

Game Production

Our owner, Jarrod Wronski, has been involved in producing sporting events at all levels since 1992.  Whether it’s a single high school senior night, a college basketball championship tournament, or a season-long professional sports team, each event has different elements that need to be addressed and executed to keep fans, sponsors, alumni and administration happy.

When it comes to game production, the process doesn’t start the night of, or even the day before.  It can start weeks and months ahead of time to properly prepare for the event.  Coordinating and obtaining the proper tools necessary to provide a first-class atmosphere is key.  Whether it’s video boards, effects lighting, additional sound support, scoreboard consultation and more, all details are covered to make sure every one of your guests has a great time, and it’s all done within budget.

We’re happy to work with your existing staff, or hire a staff based on the needs of your event.  Coordination with mascots, TV, audio, DJ, P. A. announcer and all other staff you may have in your game operations area is important and we start right from day one to get a better understanding of your needs and what is available.

If you have an existing game operations department, we’ll be happy to consult with your staff to help them maintain the highest level of performance and provide your guests with a quality experience every night.

For more information on Game Production services from for your tournament or game, call Jarrod Wronski at (703) 398-5343.

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