is the home for experienced and novice Public Address Announcers to learn new ideas, contribute information, and receive news on the world of sports P. A. announcing.  The site is not solely for P. A. announcers, but sports officials and representatives to help develop guidelines for their own announcers, while also providing a site to offer advice and other information from outside the world of sports P. A. announcing.

The aim for is to provide a web site that is informative, offers positive advice, promotes sports P. A. announcers and helps to enhance the atmosphere for sporting events from amateur to professional. was started in 2001 by Jarrod Wronski, who began announcing baseball as a freshman in high school in 1992.  By the time he graduated high school, he was the voice of the school and remained in that role until February 1998 when he went to work in professional baseball.  Since that time, Wronski has announced well over 2,500 sporting events in 20 different sports, provided DJ services for several professional sports organizations and continues to work in game operations while also continuing a sports announcing career that works with high schools, colleges and youth organizations in the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan area