Here you will find a variety of documents that will assist with various aspects of game operations, P. A. announcing and music.  These documents were either created by, or found on the internet and provide useful information for game operations.

P. A. Announcer & Game Operations Assistance Files

Music Submission Sign Rules for Music Submission Sign (PDF) – This was designed to be printed, laminated and placed in areas in which athletes or fans may request music.  This sets a standard to help the administration of the school or organization put a system in place to help with auditioning music.  These signs can be customized with your school, organization or governing body’s logo.  Please contact us for more information.


Paul Smith Baseball Softball Scorecard (PDF) – Thank you Paul Smith for providing us this document, it allows all who get behind the microphone to follow along with the game they’re announcing.  Paul prints these on 11×17 card stock and it provides plenty of space for information. Baseball & Softball In-Game Assistance Sheets (PDF) – These are designed to help keep track of defensive alignments, inning run-downs (flip flopped with the defense to allow you to fold the sheet in half width wise), and all of the necessary post-game information to announce to the fans.


2015 NCAA D-III Basketball Championship Script (PDF)This is the actual script used for the NCAA Division-III Basketball National Championship Game and gives you an idea of how to construct your script for halves-based basketball games. Blank Basketball Script (Word) – Create your own script using this template for halves-based basketball games.

Skills Competition Worksheet (PDF) – This worksheet will help you track participants in skills competitions.  Use the sheet for different categories.

Home Run Derby Score Card (PDF) – Holding a home run derby?  This score card will help you keep track of the outs and home runs hit by each player, along with the round and the team they play for.  Print multiple copies for multiple rounds


FINA Table of Degree of Difficulties (Link) – has done a tremendous job of putting together a complete list of degrees of difficulty for various dives, along with their dive number and dive name.  If you’re announcing a dive competition, you’ll want to print this out.  It’s color coded, so you will want to print in color.  There are charts for 1 & 3 meter springboard, along with tower dives.

Ice Hockey

ICE HOCKEY Running Time Rules – These rules have not been approved for use by any major governing body, but do provide an excellent guideline of clock operation during games that use running time.  If you download and use these rules, please let us know.  Hockey Calculator 1.51 – For ice hockey announcers and off-ice personnel, useful for figuring out the time of goals and penalties, with an added box for time penalties should be released from the penalty box.  This is an Excel file.

Skills Competition Worksheet (PDF) – This worksheet will help you track participants in skills competitions.  Use the sheet for different categories.


Soccer Time Conversion Chart – This chart was designed by Virginia-based P. A. announcer Blake Peddicord to help announcers convert the time remaining on the scoreboard to elapsed time to help SID’s, announcers and others figure out the correct time of goals, bookings, subs, etc.  Includes extra time.  Print out and take with you to any soccer match.

Wrestling  Wrestling Tracker 1.5 – For wrestling announcers and scorekeepers, useful for organizing your rosters and keeping score of each match as it’s going.  Has tabs for high school & college duals & quads.  Also has the ability to figure out pin time.  This Excel file uses macros, you will need to enable the macros to get the full use out of this file.

Rules & Rule Books


Major League Baseball Rule Book

Major League Soccer Rules of Competition

National Basketball Association Rule Book

National Football League Rule Book

National Hockey League Interactive Rule Book (PDF)


NCAA Playing Rules All Sports – This link contains rules for all NCAA sports which includes rule books and other documents of interest.

Men’s Basketball Rules of the Game – This link contains all the updated rules and PDFs of the rule book, case book, and any rule changes.

Women’s Basketball Rules of the Game – This link contains all the updated rules and PDFs of the rule book, case book, and any rule changes.

High School

The Naitonal Federation of High Schools has published a link for sports they oversee with some rules and information for each that can be useful for P. A. announcers, including rule changes and signal charts.  Each section does not include the actual rule book for each sport, but does include a lot of information that is useful for casual fans and announcers.

NFHS Baseball Rules with Signals Chart

NFHS Basketball Rules with Signals Chart

NFHS Field Hockey Rules with Signals Chart

NFHS Football Rules with Signals Chart

NFHS Gymnastics Boys Policies & Procedures / Girls Rules and Information

NFHS Ice Hockey Rules and Charts

NFHS Lacrosse Boys / Girls Rule Changes & Summary Chart

NFHS Softball Rules and Information

NFHS Soccer Rules with Signals Charts

NFHS Swimming & Diving Manuals & Information

NFHS Track & Field/Cross Country

NFHS Volleyball Rules & Signals Chart

NFHS Water Polo Rules & Signals Chart

NFHS Wrestling Rules with Signals Chart


FIFA Laws of the Game (PDF)

USA Hockey Rules All Levels – USA Hockey has provided a simple link to ALL of their rules, from youth and adult, to juniors and sled hockey, along with standards of play, measurements and rule comparisons with other hockey organizations.

Tournament Assistance

Brackets & Schedule (SITE) – If you’re setting up brackets for a tournament, is the place on the internet to turn to.  You can have brackets printed and sent to you, or use their website to create your own fillable brackets with a wide variety of options.  You can also use this site to set your tournament or even league schedule based on the options you enter.  This is THE place to turn to.