Post Game Wrap-Up

Following the game, you’ll announce the totals for each team, the winning pitcher, losing pitcher, pitcher who earned the save (if applicable), any home runs hit in the game, time of the game and attendance at the game.  This is your post-game wrap-up and you hear it a lot on television & radio, but it is a nice conclusion for those in attendance.  For the pitchers, you’ll announce their record or number of saves.  When announcing the home runs, you should announce how many home runs that is for that player on the season and when it happened.  This wraps the game up for everyone and gives an “official” feeling to the game.  A post-game wrap up assistance sheet is available at the back of this section to assist in your announcing.

”Final line scores for tonight’s game, for the Modesto Giants, five runs on nine hits, they committed two errors, and left 12 runners on base.  For the Turlock Lowlanders, seven runs on 15 hits, no errors, and 10 runners left on base.  The winning pitcher is Max Moyle, now 4-and-1, losing pitcher Jared Daquip, now 3-and-2, credit Porter Glorioso with his fifth save of the season.  Home runs hit in the game, for Modesto, Ed Mallen, his third of the season, with a two-run home run in the second.  For Turlock, Douglas Porter, his fifth, with a solo home run in the fourth and Dave Douglass, his ninth, with a three-run home run in the sixth.  Time of tonight’s game, two hours, twenty-seven minutes in front of a crowd of 1,227.”

If you don’t get the attendance, it’s ok to omit.  The basics of what you’ll need are the team totals, player’s stats, and time of the game.

After you announce the end of game run down, add upcoming home games and events.  Fans will be leaving, or getting ready to leave, while you are doing this.  The last thing you want them to hear is when the next home game will be.  If you want to add some road games as well, do it after, but make sure the fans know when that next home game will be.

Also make sure to announce how people can purchase tickets—whether it be at the box office on the way out or at the next game—and the web site of the team or tournament you are announcing for.  With the popularity of smart devices, it’s possible someone leaving the game can get on their phone and order tickets for the next game before they get in their car.