• Poll: Would You Say Something?

    Poll: Would You Say Something?0

    It’s Friday night and we’re starting to hit the final stretch for high school football season. The question comes courtesy of a broadcaster who recently found himself sitting next to a boisterous P. A. announcer while trying to broadcast. The announcer was very energetic for his team on the mic, even more off the mic

  • How Would You Handle The Fans?

    How Would You Handle The Fans?6

    A few years ago, an interesting situation arose during a high school baseball game.  The visiting team’s fans were upset at the home team’s announcer for announcing the home team with more enthusiasm while playing walk-up music for the home team’s batters, songs for rallies while on offense, out songs while on defense and creating

  • Did The Announcer Affect Play?

    Did The Announcer Affect Play?2

    Interesting situation arose in a fastpitch softball game in which it sounds like the P. A. announcer may have had influence on a play.  The piece was found in a letter to the editor for the Yakima Herald which talked about Dave Benedict’s arm as a softball player.  The following is printed from the original