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    Jarrod Wronski

    Sports P. A. Announcer, Sports DJ, Game Operations with a little bit of mascot experience since 1992. Have been working in professional sports since 1998. Have been the sports DJ MLB (Rays), NHL (Capitals), NBA (Wizards), and WTT (Kastles) Back-up DJ and PA Assistant along with regular Colosseo operator for the Washington Capitals. Game Producer for NCAA Division-III Football Championship (Stagg Bowl); Game Producer/Director, P. A. Announcer, and DJ for NCAA Division-III Men's Basketball Championship; and Game Producer/Director, P. A. Announcer and DJ for NCAA Softball Championship events held in Salem, Va. Also announce and provide music for a wide range of sports events and tournaments in the Washington D. C. Area including USA Hockey, Junior Women's Hockey League, Maryland Student Hockey League, Mid-Atlantic Prep Hockey League and Washington Catholic Athletic Conference.

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  • P. A. Announcer News – May 17, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – May 17, 20240

    In P. A. Announcer News today, we’re seeing more and more why we need to focus on getting names right. It’s a huge problem so let’s start supporting other announcers with some advice. Matt Cord of the Philadelphia 76ers finds his way into the news along with Jeremiah Paprocki of the Chicago Cubs. And if

  • P. A. Announcer News – May 15, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – May 15, 20240

    What do we find in today’s P. A. Announcer News? More reason to research names, if you’re helping with commencement make sure you have each person write their name phonetically because it’s really hard to get it right on the spot. Wade Minter of the Carolina Hurricanes is a PA by night, and a software

  • P. A. Announcer News – May 14, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – May 14, 20240

    Taking a look around the world of P. A. announcer news and we learn more about how a legendary announcer who changed the profession wound up out of a job, a team looking for a new P. A. announcer, more unprepared P. A. announcers, Chihuahua Caudillos find their way into the highlights, Sean Peebles of

  • P. A. Announcer News – May 13, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – May 13, 20240

    It’s time to take another look at the world of P. A. announcing. We see some reactions from the public, Guy Junker of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the News; a gaffe in the boxing ring; the Long Island Ducks are looking for a some folks on the mic; and more stuff gets thrown on the