• Making A Debut

    Making A Debut0

    Today is the day I make my American Hockey League debut for the Hershey Bears.  It won’t be the first time announcing in Giant Center, nor my first hockey game announced.  There’s been over a thousand of them for USA Hockey youth, USA Hockey junior, World Police & Fire Game, college club, adult hockey leagues,

  • Prior Preparation, the New Technology Way

    Prior Preparation, the New Technology Way0

    Preparation is what separates the best from the rest.  If you properly prepare, you’ll be ready for any situation, any name, and anything else that might come your way.  Prep time has become a lot easier for announcers over the last few years thanks to technology. Social Media P. A. announcers can connect via social

  • The Hierarchy of Announcing

    The Hierarchy of Announcing0

    In the world of sports, there is an obvious hierarchy from the day you start playing until the last time you hit the field, rink or court.  You go from the low levels of youth sports and grow along with others.  If you’re good enough you to go high school, college and maybe play professionally.