• P. A. Announcer News – March 20, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – March 20, 20240

    When an announcer retires after 24 years just prior to the start of a new season, it’s going to stay in the news for a few days and Renel Brooks-Moon is still there. Matt Cord of the Philadelphia 76ers gets into an incident with some players. Yes, Jim Nantz was a P. A. announcer, there’s a story with proof! George Miller is recognized for his extended service. Chris Phillips gets recognition from across the pond where tennis is more popular than football. Former Maple Leafs P. A. announcer Andy Frost’s son gets mentioned.

  • Rege Schiebel Passes Away at 86

    Rege Schiebel Passes Away at 860

    Long time football announcer for Knoch High School, Rege Schiebel, died Sunday at Concordia Lutheran Ministries at the age of 86. The Winfield, Pennsylvania native was known as “Mr. Knoch” and the “voice of Friday nights” to his adoring fans for over 40 years. His teaching career began as a math teacher at the school

  • NFHS Institutes Pitch Counts, Affects Announcers

    NFHS Institutes Pitch Counts, Affects Announcers3

    The National Federation of High Schools has made a change to baseball rules effective this upcoming season that will affect P. A. announcers across the country.  Unlike the rules instituted on basketball a couple of years ago, these changes were made in the spirit of well-being of the athletes and we highly endorse these changes.

  • Uniform Problems Can Be An Issue

    Uniform Problems Can Be An Issue1

    In California, a girls basketball team was disqualified, and reinstated after appeal, from their tournament because of illegal uniforms.  We were interested and then aghast after seeing the reason why. Girls’ Basketball: Narbonne is Removed From Playoffs After Wearing Illegal Uniforms While there is a problem in sports in general with uniforms, this is not

  • Names Are Important

    Names Are Important0

    The number one thing to remember when announcing, is to get names right.  Ask the coach, ask the player, ask the moms, ask the trainers, find anyway to get the names right. One thing that we’ve noticed a lot of recently is the number of lower-level coaches who don’t know their players names.  That seems

  • Understanding the NFHS Basketball Rules3

    My big start came in high school.  It was in high school baseball where I had all kinds of freedom because there weren’t really rules for announcers so I set my own.  Be as professional as possible.  That seemed like a good rule.  But in the 23-plus years I’ve been announcing, I have come across