• ESPN E:60

    ESPN E:601

    Wow, just wow. Words to explain what I was feeling Sunday night while watching ESPN E:60 on my phone and seeing myself with CoCo the Hershey Bears mascot I was in shock. Tears falling down my cheeks with emotion. So much has gone on in the last year that’s been negative in my personal life

  • Thank You Veterans

    Thank You Veterans0

    Today is Veterans Day and a day to celebrate the men and women who have secured our freedom in the United States with their service in the U. S. military.  Thank you to all of the men & women, and their families for your service to our country. P. A. Announcement: Veterans Day  

  • NFHS Institutes Pitch Counts, Affects Announcers

    NFHS Institutes Pitch Counts, Affects Announcers3

    The National Federation of High Schools has made a change to baseball rules effective this upcoming season that will affect P. A. announcers across the country.  Unlike the rules instituted on basketball a couple of years ago, these changes were made in the spirit of well-being of the athletes and we highly endorse these changes.

  • More Postponement Vernacular

    More Postponement Vernacular0

    A week-and-a-half ago we took a look at the use of the words postpone and cancel which only touched the surface of what can happen when circumstances outside of your control can wind up affecting the event you are announcing.  Today, we take a look at other words, what they mean, and proper usage. SportsAnnouncing.com: 

  • Postpone vs. Cancel, The Difference

    Postpone vs. Cancel, The Difference0

    This time of year, the words postpone and cancel are tossed around like they are synonyms when in fact they are two completely different words with two completely different meanings. While both are verbs, they mean two completely different things.  Don’t make the mistake and announce a game as being canceled when in fact it

  • P. A. Announcement:  Men’s Basketball Rule Changes

    P. A. Announcement: Men’s Basketball Rule Changes2

    “Ladies and gentlemen, there are some exciting new changes to NCAA men’s basketball this season.  The shot clock has been reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds.  Additional changes include dunking is now allowed both before the game and during halftime,  coaches can no longer call timeouts while the ball is live, and each team