• Ceremonial First Pitch

    Ceremonial First Pitch0

    Many baseball teams offer special guests, MVP’s, former players, or just choosing someone out of the stands to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before a baseball game.  Below are several different examples of a first pitch that we’ve been part of that you can incorporate into your game production. Before the National Anthem: Teams

  • P. A. Announcement: Baseball/Softball Starting Line-up0

    It’s time to meet the starting line-ups for today’s/tonight’s game, first for the visiting [visiting team proper name and nickname]. Leading off, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting second, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting third, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting fourth, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting fifth, the

  • P. A. Announcement: Debris Thrown on Playing Surface0

    First Announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, fans are asked not to throw objects onto the playing surface at any time.  It is dangerous and unfair to the participants and may cause unnecessary injury.  Any fan that is caught throwing objects within the seating area, onto or near the playing surface will be removed from [name of

  • P. A. Announcement: Foul Balls0

    “Ladies and gentlemen, bats, balls and other objects may leave the playing field and at a high rate of speed which may cause personal injury or damage to personal property.  [Team/School name] is not responsible for injury or damage that may be done to vehicles in the parking lot.”

  • P. A. Announcement:  National Anthem

    P. A. Announcement: National Anthem0

    The National Anthem is performed prior to the start of most sports contests.  The guidelines and announcements in this post can help you regardless of the country in which you’re announcing.  The keys to remember are directing fans attention to the performer or flag, reminding fans to remain at attention until the colors have been

  • P. A. Announcement: Gymnasium Safety (Various Sports)0

    The following announcements are tied to sports that typically take place in school gymnasiums and should be used accordingly: Volleyball:  “Watch out for flying volleyballs. During warm-up and during the match, volleyballs can leave the playing surface, at a high-rate of speed and from varying directions. Please remain alert at all times as [School/Facility] is