• Preparing For An Audition

    Preparing For An Audition0

    Last week, we took a look at the Hershey Audition Model and how it worked.  Today, we’ll take a few minutes to go over how to prepare for an audition and hopefully give you a leg-up on your competition. First, we use the word competition because that’s really what an audition is.  It’s a vocal

  • Pronunciations Are Important To Us

    Pronunciations Are Important To Us0

    Pronouncing a person’s name is important, it is their identity and how people interact with them.  It’s important to P. A. announcers to get names right.  Recently, internationally known P. A. announcer Mike Markham put this thoughts on the topic on electronic paper and speaks to many great reasons we are so adamant we get

  • What Is Proper Preparation?

    What Is Proper Preparation?0

    As announcers, sports DJs, emcees, game operations, etc., you know that you need to prepare for your games.  While some can do a good job “showing and going”, they could’ve done a great job had they been properly prepared. Preparation is important in our business and doesn’t always begin when we sit down to study