• Playlist Pages Update

    Playlist Pages Update0

    One of the most popular features of SportsAnnouncing.com is the playlist section. If you haven’t visited, check it out. Normally, this is updated once a week or so but over the last few years we have fallen behind.

  • Johnny Infamous Shares Playlists

    Johnny Infamous Shares Playlists0

    Johnny Infamous, the DJ for the NHL’s Edmonton Bubble last season just recently shared his Spotify playlist. It is over 750 songs long and will take quite awhile to listen to all the way through. It’s chock full of current songs and instant classics, along with some of the best arena music known to man.

  • This Is Why You Preview Music – NOT SAFE FOR WORK or YOUNG EARS

    This Is Why You Preview Music – NOT SAFE FOR WORK or YOUNG EARS0

    Oh Snoop Dogg.  D, to the O, to the double-G.  You’re a youth football coach, your songs have been part of sports at all levels for decades.  You’ve found your way into the hockey community before most people even knew what hockey was.  But man, your performance at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition was over

  • The Art of the Hot Timeout

    The Art of the Hot Timeout0

    The hot timeout.  The kind of timeout that takes the fans to the next level.  They’re on their feet cheering something great from the home team, the visiting team calls timeout and the fans are carrying the noise well into the timeout.  They’re quieting down, but you’ve got a hot timeout and you should have

  • Job Opening: Boston Red Sox DJ (Spring Training)

    Job Opening: Boston Red Sox DJ (Spring Training)0

    The Boston Red Sox are looking for a DJ and sound technician for their Spring Training games in March & April.  Since this is a seasonal job, those in Southwest Florida should take notice, along with those who may have family in the area and would enjoy a few weeks in the Florida sun. The

  • Job Opening:  Charlotte Knights DJ

    Job Opening: Charlotte Knights DJ0

    The Charlotte Knights are looking for a new DJ for not only International League games, but other events at BB&T Ballpark in Charlotte, North Carolina. A part-time position, you’ll be responsible for a wide range of tasks, including keeping the music updated, working with the players on walk-up music, providing music for other events at