• Senators Post Playlists

    Senators Post Playlists0

    We’re absolutely salivating at this one, the Ottawa Senators are publishing their musical playlists from games this season.  The lists include just about everything they play, including in-game, puck drop, goal song, power play, penalties against, goals against and warm-up songs. These lists are comprehensive and if you’re a hockey music DJ, this should be

  • Senators Make Organist A Jukebox

    Senators Make Organist A Jukebox0

    The Ottawa Senators sent out a social media request for music tonight, but it wasn’t aimed at their DJ Alex Marchand.  It was their first-year organist Eric Sauve who took the brunt of requests during the pre-game before tonight’s game against Boston.  It’s not the first time this season the Senators have done this, which

  • Capitals Atmosphere Recognized on Designated Survivor

    Capitals Atmosphere Recognized on Designated Survivor0

    Kiefer Sutherland is known for his role on 24 and is now starring in a new show on ABC called Designated Survivor about a man who was designated to sit out the State of the Union address in the event of an attack.  Well, that attack came to television fruition, putting a man who has