• Playlist Pages Update

    Playlist Pages Update0

    One of the most popular features of SportsAnnouncing.com is the playlist section. If you haven’t visited, check it out. Normally, this is updated once a week or so but over the last few years we have fallen behind.

  • Billboard Releases “100 Best Jock Jams” List

    Billboard Releases “100 Best Jock Jams” List0

    Best of lists, yeah they’re always up for debate.  Most of the time people send us lists like these, they contain songs that really shouldn’t be on the list and were probably put on there by someone close to the group. This list, is a very good compilation of songs that you should have…well 99%

  • Alan Thicke’s Musical Legacy

    Alan Thicke’s Musical Legacy0

    The news was shocking yesterday out of California to hear of the death of Alan Thicke, a beloved TV Dad from the 1980’s who was a hockey fan and used his role as Dr. Jason Seaver to carry over long after Growing Pains ended.  However, what a lot of people didn’t know, is that he

  • Senators Post Playlists

    Senators Post Playlists0

    We’re absolutely salivating at this one, the Ottawa Senators are publishing their musical playlists from games this season.  The lists include just about everything they play, including in-game, puck drop, goal song, power play, penalties against, goals against and warm-up songs. These lists are comprehensive and if you’re a hockey music DJ, this should be

  • Be Careful of What You Play

    Be Careful of What You Play0

    Commercials can be a great resource for adding music, earlier this year we saw Empire of the Sun’s “Walking On A Dream” makes it’s way back into playlists because it was featured in a commercial nearly 10 years after it debuted.  The Rolling Stones licensed “Start Me Up” to Microsoft when it launched Windows 95. 

  • Good And Bad of Tablets

    Good And Bad of Tablets1

    Tablet computers are becoming more and more common which means there are more on the market and more in general use.  This means, sound programs are becoming touch screen, finally!  This is something that sound operators have been asking for since the 1990s when Game Ops Commander and Stadium Click Effects debuted (now Sound Director