• Johnny Infamous Shares Playlists

    Johnny Infamous Shares Playlists0

    Johnny Infamous, the DJ for the NHL’s Edmonton Bubble last season just recently shared his Spotify playlist. It is over 750 songs long and will take quite awhile to listen to all the way through. It’s chock full of current songs and instant classics, along with some of the best arena music known to man.

  • Bryan Main Calls it a Career

    Bryan Main Calls it a Career0

    Bryan Main, who has been the voice of San Diego State University sports for over two decades as decided to call it a career. Here is a story on Main from the Times of San Diego. Prolific Announcer Hangs Up Microphone After 2,000 Games Over 35 Years Main also spent time in NCAA Bowl games,

  • This Is Why You Preview Music – NOT SAFE FOR WORK or YOUNG EARS

    This Is Why You Preview Music – NOT SAFE FOR WORK or YOUNG EARS0

    Oh Snoop Dogg.  D, to the O, to the double-G.  You’re a youth football coach, your songs have been part of sports at all levels for decades.  You’ve found your way into the hockey community before most people even knew what hockey was.  But man, your performance at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition was over

  • Minter Coins His Place in Canes History

    Minter Coins His Place in Canes History0

    Wade Minter is in his second year as the P. A. announcer of the Carolina Hurricanes.  You may have seen him on ESPN after he scored a goal during a celebrity hockey game last year, and then announced himself as scoring the goal.  Who gets that opportunity??? Canes Country – From the Stands to the

  • Senators Post Playlists

    Senators Post Playlists0

    We’re absolutely salivating at this one, the Ottawa Senators are publishing their musical playlists from games this season.  The lists include just about everything they play, including in-game, puck drop, goal song, power play, penalties against, goals against and warm-up songs. These lists are comprehensive and if you’re a hockey music DJ, this should be

  • Senators Make Organist A Jukebox

    Senators Make Organist A Jukebox0

    The Ottawa Senators sent out a social media request for music tonight, but it wasn’t aimed at their DJ Alex Marchand.  It was their first-year organist Eric Sauve who took the brunt of requests during the pre-game before tonight’s game against Boston.  It’s not the first time this season the Senators have done this, which