• Playing Music For The Visiting Team

    Playing Music For The Visiting Team0

    This post was originally part of the original SportsAnnouncing.com blog in 2011.  It’s long, yes, but pretty interesting.  I’ve made some minor modifications to the story, but all-in-all, contains quite a bit of interesting information. Recently, ESPN ran a story about the history of walk-up music.  It contained some pretty cool information and posted the

  • Think of the Fans First0

    We work in an industry in which it’s easy to forget why we’re there, for the fans.  Not the players, not the officials, not the coaches, but for the fans. The players are getting to play the game, the coaches are coaching the players, and the officials are participating by making sure the game goes

  • Taking Care of “My Guys”

    Taking Care of “My Guys”0

    In nine years of Minor League Baseball, between all the leagues I worked in, I always kept one thing constant.  I always took care of the players who used to play for my teams, by playing their walk-up music when they came in as a visiting player.  Sometimes, I had to get creative, others it