• Organist Hopes to Produce Album

    Organist Hopes to Produce Album0

    James Witherite has a unique addition to games he announces, he plays the organ and now through an Indiegogo, he is hoping to produce an organ music album that can be used by announcers at all levels of hockey.

  • Playlist Pages Update

    Playlist Pages Update0

    One of the most popular features of SportsAnnouncing.com is the playlist section. If you haven’t visited, check it out. Normally, this is updated once a week or so but over the last few years we have fallen behind.

  • Johnny Infamous Shares Playlists

    Johnny Infamous Shares Playlists0

    Johnny Infamous, the DJ for the NHL’s Edmonton Bubble last season just recently shared his Spotify playlist. It is over 750 songs long and will take quite awhile to listen to all the way through. It’s chock full of current songs and instant classics, along with some of the best arena music known to man.