• When You Don’t Have An Anthem

    When You Don’t Have An Anthem0

    This time of year there are a lot of tournaments that take place with multiple games at the same time and playing the National Anthem gets kind of stale if you do it before every game.  The general rule of thumb is to play the National Anthem before the first game of each session.  A

  • When the Flag Is Not There

    When the Flag Is Not There0

    With the start of scholastic sports seasons just around the corner, there will be circumstances in which the American flag won’t be displayed.  Broken flag poles, lost flags, snapped ropes, or general oversight can cause the American flag to not be displayed.  How, as P. A. announcers, are we to handle it?  Simple, the US

  • Presenting the Colors by The DrillMaster

    Presenting the Colors by The DrillMaster0

    Recently, we received feedback from a reader who is affiliated with the website The DrillMaster which is a site for the training and education for drill teams and honor guard units.  It also provides plenty of great information for those in game production. Their most recent article is “All About Posting Or Presenting Colors” which

  • Bob McDonald, National Anthem Performer0

    The National Anthem can make or break your show, even before it really starts.  A good anthem can help to energize the crowd, while a bad performance can really take the energy out of a building quicker than a power outage.  There have been times game producers were hoping and praying for a power outage