• P. A. Announcer News – March 23, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – March 23, 20240

    A lot of news out of the Bay Area as the news of Renel Brooks-Moon stepping down is really starting to get the eyes of a worldwide media. The San Francisco Giants have announced plans on how they’re going to move forward this year. Also a brief note about Paul Strelzin who was the first P. A. announcer to be ejected from a game.

  • The Second Female P. A. Announcer

    The Second Female P. A. Announcer0

    Last Sunday marked the 24th anniversary of a moment in Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball history that passed by without so much as a mention by many.  In fact we even missed the anniversary of Kelly Saunders becoming the first female in Orioles history, and just the second female in Major League Baseball to

  • Getting Paid in Honor & Experience

    Getting Paid in Honor & Experience0

    Recently, we’ve fielded phone calls and seen messages online from P. A. announcers who are getting offers of “get paid in valuable experience” and “the honor of working in professional baseball”. These two sentences should be looked at closely when you’re put in the situation of being hired for an announcing job. There are many