• What Is Your Twitter Account?

    What Is Your Twitter Account?1

    In an effort to reach out to fellow P. A. announcers, we’ve taken the time to follow those on Twitter who are P. A. announcers, along with sports DJs. You can follow us on Twitter at @SportsAnnouncin (Twitter won’t let us put on the ‘g’!). To help make SportsAnnouncing.com a resource for game operations professionals,

  • Are You A P. A. Announcer? Join THE NETWORK for Free0

    SportsAnnouncing.com is designed to be dedicated resource for P. A. announcers and those looking for P. A. announcers.  This is why we created “The Network”, where P. A. announcers can post about themselves, their sports, their location and even post audio samples of their work.  If you’re a sports P. A. announcer at any level,