• Being At The Centre of Attention

    Being At The Centre of Attention0

    The Washington Kastles have put up some pretty impressive numbers during their short tenure in Mylan World Team Tennis, and for the last three-plus years, I’ve had the chance to be front-and-nearly-center for all the home matches as the team’s DJ. And when I say front-and-near-center, I’m on the court, behind a table, right behind

  • Brushing With The Big Time

    Brushing With The Big Time0

    In all the years I’ve been announcing sports, I’ve never announced a Major-professional sporting event.  I have, however, DJed for a Major League Baseball team (Tampa Bay Rays in 1998), National Hockey League team (Washington Capitals 2013-2014) and National Basketball Association team (Washington Wizards playoffs 2014) on a fill-in basis, in addition to working with