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Bromley FC

Bromley FC P. A. Announcer Matt Hall Shares Moments

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It’s always fun to get an idea of what’s going through the minds of other announcers during games.  In this case, we go across the pond to catch up with Bromley FC P. A. announcer Matt Hall who shares his top 5 moments from the most recent season. BromleyFC:  My[…]

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Jarrod's Blog

Myths: No Way You Started When You Were 13

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Why is it so hard to believe that someone can start out announcing in high school?  Sometimes I’d like to ask someone what they think is the right age for someone to start?  Is it 18, while in college?  Is it 21 when you can start to drink alcohol?  Maybe[…]

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John Brophy with Referee

Even in Death, Brophy Does It In Obscurity

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This isn’t about announcing or anything game operations really.  This is about a man who gave so much to the sport of ice hockey that people reference him on a daily basis, without actually knowing who he is.  John Brophy was the second winningest coach in professional hockey, but his[…]

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Music Review

Monday Music Review: May 2016 Week 4

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This week we’re down in Salem, Virginia for the NCAA Division-III softball national championship and we’re going to share with you some of the tracks we’re playing.  We’ll take a listen to some of the songs coming out that are going to be summer hits.  Along with a few to[…]

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Lou Gellermann from University of Washington

Washington’s Gellerman Passes Away

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Lou Gellermann, the University of Washington P. A. announcer for 21 years in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, passed away, Friday, May 13 at 79 years of age. The News Tribune:  Lou Gellermann, former Husky Stadium PA announcer and UW rower, dies at age 79 Gellermann was in the school’s[…]

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