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Brushing With The Big Time

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In all the years I’ve been announcing sports, I’ve never announced a Major-professional sporting event.  I have, however, DJed for a Major League Baseball team (Tampa Bay Rays in 1998), National Hockey League team (Washington Capitals 2013-2014) and National Basketball Association team (Washington Wizards playoffs 2014) on a fill-in basis,[…]

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Clean Your Microphone

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Beyond your voice, the microphone is an announcer’s most important tool for our trade.  It’s also the most neglected.  The computers get a nice bag to reside in, the microphone gets left in all sorts of environments, often tossed into a basket or bag with other wires or objects, banged[…]

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New Videos Added

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We have added some new videos to the site, please click “Videos” above and take a look at the hockey videos we’ve added.  We’ll be adding more videos in the coming weeks in other sports.

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