Dealing With Frustrating Situations

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In the world of P. A. announcing, there are a lot of seemingly minor annoyances that, to an announcer, are almost the end of the world.  A good P. A. announcer takes pride in his or her work and sometimes one of those little annoyances to someone looking on from[…]

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P. A. Announcement: National Anthem

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The National Anthem is performed prior to the start of most sports contests.  The guidelines and announcements in this post can help you regardless of the country in which you’re announcing.  The keys to remember are directing fans attention to the performer or flag, reminding fans to remain at attention[…]

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Combating Feedback the Organic Way

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Feedback is the ultimate enemy of every sound producer, DJ and announcer.  It’s that annoying squeal that hurts your ears and can do some serious damage to sound systems, avoiding it is very important.  There are feedback filters, limiters, gates, and all kinds of other cool gadgetry that helps to[…]

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