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P. A. Announcement: Memorial Day

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This announcement features all the elements in order for a Memorial Day sports event, including a color guard and National Anthem. Ladies and gentlemen, as we get ready to play on this Memorial Day, we’d like to take a moment to remember all the men and women who died in[…]

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You Always Represent Your Team

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Even before Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a 24-hour society of spreading news in a viral fashion, you still had to watch your behavior.  Whether it was at a restaurant or sporting event, you represented not only yourself, but your employer.  In sports, that’s magnified 1,000 times over because the sports[…]

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Do You Get Nervous?

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The simple answer to that question as I start my 24th year of announcing is, yes. If you don’t get nervous about announcing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore. When I first started, the nerves were always for getting names right and not sounding like a moron.  Now, sometimes[…]

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P. A. Announcement: Ice Hockey Safety

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The Safety Warning should be announced BEFORE the teams take the ice for warm-up and again before the game if there is an ice cut following warm-ups. “Ladies and gentlemen, watch out for flying pucks.  Though safety measures have been taken to ensure your safety, in some instances, the puck[…]

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