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Elevate Your Volume, Don’t Scream

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Remaining in control on a microphone is one of the most important duties of the P. A. announcer. It’s just like driving a car, the faster you go, the more out of control you can be, but a good announcer can still remain in control for a while.  But just[…]

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P. A. Announcement: Welcome

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Inter-Conference/District/League “Good [morning/afternoon/evening] ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to [facility name] [at school name if applicable] for today’s/tonight’s [Conference Name] Conference/District/League match-up between the visiting [visiting team proper name and nickname] and the [season year(s)] [home team proper name and nickname].”

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Hand Shake

Meeting Other Announcers

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In our business, having a network is important.  It’s always good to be able to contact other announcers to ask questions of.  Because, who really can provide the best feedback and suggestions than other announcers, right?  Well, the answer to that is anyone.  But it’s always a good idea to[…]

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P. A. Announcement: All-Tournament Team

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“Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to [location] and please welcome [announce all dignitaries and their affiliations] to present the awards to those who have been selected to the [tournament name] All-Tournament Team.” Announce all, with the tournament MVP announced last. “Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the[…]

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