• My Day As A Bear

    My Day As A Bear0

    In over 25 years of P. A. announcing, I’d announced over 1,000 hockey games but had never announced a professional hockey game.  Minor League Baseball, yes, I spent nine years there; semi pro sports a few times; college athletics at the National Championship level, D-I, D-II, D-III schools, and more; NHL games as a DJ

  • Making A Debut

    Making A Debut0

    Today is the day I make my American Hockey League debut for the Hershey Bears.  It won’t be the first time announcing in Giant Center, nor my first hockey game announced.  There’s been over a thousand of them for USA Hockey youth, USA Hockey junior, World Police & Fire Game, college club, adult hockey leagues,

  • I Still Get Nervous

    I Still Get Nervous0

    After 25 years and thousands of games, I still get nervous before that first mic check.  I still get nervous walking into the venue.  I still get nervous right before the show starts. Earlier this week, a young sixth grader introduced the Capitals mascot, Slapshot, at his school for an assembly.  It’s a show that

  • The Most Important Email I Ever Sent

    The Most Important Email I Ever Sent0

    In over 25 years of announcing, a lot has changed.  We’ve gone from tapes to CDs to Mini Disc to computers.  We’re now using digital equipment and wireless is a lot more common.  Our modes of communication have changed from phone to email to Skype.  It was an email I sent back in 2002 however,

  • The Hershey Audition Model

    The Hershey Audition Model0

    There have been many P. A. announcing jobs posted on this website that have sent people into the audition process.  It’s our goal to help those looking to further their P. A. career with the proper tools to do so, while also helping those who are looking for the right talent.  A couple of months

  • Jarrod’s Blog:  The Danger of Instrumentals

    Jarrod’s Blog: The Danger of Instrumentals0

    Reports are coming out of Chicago that the Cubs DJ played an instrumental version of a potentially volatile song that relates to recent transgressions by one of its players and it brings to light not only what Aroldis Chapman did away from the field, but also something that’s been popular among sports DJs for many