• Jose Bautista, Ballplayer, P. A. Announcer0

    What would you do if you received a suspension from your job?  Would you show up and work the front desk, take money in the parking lot, or work the lunch line?  You’d probably stay home, unless you’re Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays. Awful Announcing:  WATCH:  Jose Bautista Makes his PA Announcer Position

  • Larry Collmus Is Now Part of History

    Larry Collmus Is Now Part of History0

    Last Saturday, American Pharoah, became the first horse in nearly 40 years to win horse racing’s Triple Crown by taking the final leg at the Belmont Stakes in New York.  It’s something that’s been tempted a few times, but something always happened, until American Pharoah pulled away from the pack and stayed there on a

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