• My Day As A Bear

    My Day As A Bear0

    In over 25 years of P. A. announcing, I’d announced over 1,000 hockey games but had never announced a professional hockey game.  Minor League Baseball, yes, I spent nine years there; semi pro sports a few times; college athletics at the National Championship level, D-I, D-II, D-III schools, and more; NHL games as a DJ

  • Making A Debut

    Making A Debut0

    Today is the day I make my American Hockey League debut for the Hershey Bears.  It won’t be the first time announcing in Giant Center, nor my first hockey game announced.  There’s been over a thousand of them for USA Hockey youth, USA Hockey junior, World Police & Fire Game, college club, adult hockey leagues,

  • The Most Important Email I Ever Sent

    The Most Important Email I Ever Sent0

    In over 25 years of announcing, a lot has changed.  We’ve gone from tapes to CDs to Mini Disc to computers.  We’re now using digital equipment and wireless is a lot more common.  Our modes of communication have changed from phone to email to Skype.  It was an email I sent back in 2002 however,