• Jarrod’s Blog:  Helping Each Other

    Jarrod’s Blog: Helping Each Other0

    Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really great announcers at all levels.  The vast majority were nice people, however I’ve run into a couple that allowed their ego to get in the way or assumed their legacy would precede them.  It’s this small minority that I’ve become more open an honest

  • Jarrod’s Blog:  Questions About the Pacers Decision

    Jarrod’s Blog: Questions About the Pacers Decision0

    It has been a while since I’ve posted anything in my personal blog here and that’s because I’ve had some amazing opportunities come up that have given me insight into how things are done “on the other side”, while also creating a more well-rounded thought process.  Yes, I see some things differently, others, I see

  • I Still Get Nervous

    I Still Get Nervous0

    After 25 years and thousands of games, I still get nervous before that first mic check.  I still get nervous walking into the venue.  I still get nervous right before the show starts. Earlier this week, a young sixth grader introduced the Capitals mascot, Slapshot, at his school for an assembly.  It’s a show that

  • Jarrod’s Blog:  The Danger of Instrumentals

    Jarrod’s Blog: The Danger of Instrumentals0

    Reports are coming out of Chicago that the Cubs DJ played an instrumental version of a potentially volatile song that relates to recent transgressions by one of its players and it brings to light not only what Aroldis Chapman did away from the field, but also something that’s been popular among sports DJs for many

  • Essentials For P. A. Announcers

    Essentials For P. A. Announcers0

    It’s the weekend and a great time to head out to do some shopping for those essentials you might not have thought about having with you.  We’re going to look at some of those essentials right now, and why should should have them. Thumb Drives/Flash Drives – they’re cheap, they’re portable, and they’re a great

  • Do They Really Know It Bothers Us?

    Do They Really Know It Bothers Us?0

    There are some things, as game ops people, that bother us when others do or say something but not mean any malice when all they’re trying to do is be helpful. Nothing bothers me more than when I do a mic check and someone shouts out, “IT WORKS”. Oh, so many sarcastic comments run through