• The Guide To A Proper Pronunciation Guide

    The Guide To A Proper Pronunciation Guide0

    The pronunciation guide can be as valuable as gold, or as useless as yesterday’s trash. The guide below will help you develop a pronunciation guide that is useful for all who are behind a microphone.

  • The Art of Holding A Microphone

    The Art of Holding A Microphone0

    Holding a microphone is the most important thing an announcer has to do in order to announce.  Without the microphone, well it’s hard to announce on an amplified sound system.  There are many options when it comes to using a microphone, but holding the microphone is an art.  Well maybe not an art, but important

  • What Exactly Is Our Job?

    What Exactly Is Our Job?1

    The job of the P. A. announcer is to keep people informed of information they should know.  It seems to be a pretty straight-forward job, sit behind a microphone and speak when something happens.  It’s that simple, or is it? In the world of Public Address announcing there seem to be three thought processes, Say

  • Do You Get Nervous?0

    The simple answer to that question as I start my 24th year of announcing is, yes. If you don’t get nervous about announcing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore. When I first started, the nerves were always for getting names right and not sounding like a moron.  Now, sometimes I am supposed to sound

  • Clean Your Microphone0

    Beyond your voice, the microphone is an announcer’s most important tool for our trade.  It’s also the most neglected.  The computers get a nice bag to reside in, the microphone gets left in all sorts of environments, often tossed into a basket or bag with other wires or objects, banged around after a hard day

  • P. A. Announcer vs. Broadcaster0

    There are many differences between being a P. A. Announcer and a broadcaster.  Here, we will tackle those differences, and some similarities. To be a good announcer or broadcaster, you need to have an organization system that works for you, be prepared, and network properly.  Creating a network that can assist you with name pronunciations