• P. A. Announcer News – March 20, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – March 20, 20240

    When an announcer retires after 24 years just prior to the start of a new season, it’s going to stay in the news for a few days and Renel Brooks-Moon is still there. Matt Cord of the Philadelphia 76ers gets into an incident with some players. Yes, Jim Nantz was a P. A. announcer, there’s a story with proof! George Miller is recognized for his extended service. Chris Phillips gets recognition from across the pond where tennis is more popular than football. Former Maple Leafs P. A. announcer Andy Frost’s son gets mentioned.

  • P. A. Announcer News

    P. A. Announcer News0

    Renel Brooks-Moon stepping down at the P. A. Announcer for the San Francisco Giants is big news today in the world of sports for many reasons. Renel, thank you for being a trailblazer!

  • Shawn Parker’s Success Due to His Drive

    Shawn Parker’s Success Due to His Drive0

    This is one of the most exciting posts I’ve had the opportunity to write, because it’s close to home!!!  Congratulations SHAWN PARKER! Shawn Parker is the new voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves, and I’ve known for a while.  Why?  Because Shawn has done some announcing for me over the years and when a job came

  • Pacers Find Familiar Voice For Upcoming Season

    Pacers Find Familiar Voice For Upcoming Season0

    Jerry Baker, who has long broadcast Indiana Pacers games on TV and radio, returns in the 2017-18 season to complete the microphone trifecta as he will be the “new” Public Address Announcer at Pacer home games, replacing Michael Grady who moved on to Brooklyn. NBA.com:  Jerry Baker Rejoins Pacers at Public Address Announcer Congrats to

  • Job Opening:  Indiana Pacers

    Job Opening: Indiana Pacers0

    There has been a lot of movement among P. A. announcers this summer, and with Michael Grady moving to Brooklyn to become an analyst for the Nets on YES Network, it means there is an opening for his old position in Indianapolis. For information on this job opening, click here. This position carries a little

  • Olivier Moves From Cavs to Nets

    Olivier Moves From Cavs to Nets0

    In the world of sports, it’s typically the athletes that move from one team to another, but as we near the start of the NBA season, there’s going to be new faces in new places, but not necessarily new names. NBA.com – Brooklyn Nets Name Olivier Sedra as Public Address Announcer Olivier Sedra, who has