• Are We Making It Harder On Ourselves?

    Are We Making It Harder On Ourselves?1

    Technology was created to make our lives simpler, however by trying to create something so simple we are starting to create more work and more demand on ourselves with little, none or even a negative return on the time/monetary investment. It’s great to have a method to keep all of the information you need at

  • Pronunciations Are Important To Us

    Pronunciations Are Important To Us0

    Pronouncing a person’s name is important, it is their identity and how people interact with them.  It’s important to P. A. announcers to get names right.  Recently, internationally known P. A. announcer Mike Markham put this thoughts on the topic on electronic paper and speaks to many great reasons we are so adamant we get

  • How Would You Handle The Fans?

    How Would You Handle The Fans?6

    A few years ago, an interesting situation arose during a high school baseball game.  The visiting team’s fans were upset at the home team’s announcer for announcing the home team with more enthusiasm while playing walk-up music for the home team’s batters, songs for rallies while on offense, out songs while on defense and creating

  • Do You Have A Product We Should Know About?

    Do You Have A Product We Should Know About?0

    Do you have a product or service that you think would be good for those in the game operations industry to know about?  Let us know.  Send an e-mail to DJ@SportsAnnouncing.com and tell us about your product.  We’ll be happy to try it out and give you feedback, and if we like it, we’ll even

  • Names Are Not Hashtags

    Names Are Not Hashtags0

    There seems to be a recent trend, and this could really have more to do with broadcasters getting behind the P. A. mic, but there seems to be a lot of combining a player’s first and last names into one jumbled mess in some cases. When you consider the main role of the P. A.

  • Dealing With Frustrating Situations

    Dealing With Frustrating Situations1

    In the world of P. A. announcing, there are a lot of seemingly minor annoyances that, to an announcer, are almost the end of the world.  A good P. A. announcer takes pride in his or her work and sometimes one of those little annoyances to someone looking on from the outside, can really make