• P. A. Announcer News – May 17, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – May 17, 20240

    In P. A. Announcer News today, we’re seeing more and more why we need to focus on getting names right. It’s a huge problem so let’s start supporting other announcers with some advice. Matt Cord of the Philadelphia 76ers finds his way into the news along with Jeremiah Paprocki of the Chicago Cubs. And if

  • Jarrod’s Blog:  The Danger of Instrumentals

    Jarrod’s Blog: The Danger of Instrumentals0

    Reports are coming out of Chicago that the Cubs DJ played an instrumental version of a potentially volatile song that relates to recent transgressions by one of its players and it brings to light not only what Aroldis Chapman did away from the field, but also something that’s been popular among sports DJs for many

  • Major League Baseball Walk-Up Music

    Major League Baseball Walk-Up Music0

    Major League Baseball has taken researching walk-up music to the next level by not only putting up a website with each team’s walk-up music, but also an app for your mobile device. In addition to all the social media functions you get in the app, you also get ballpark and player entrance music with the

  • Voice of Wrigley Field Headed Thinking Playoffs

    Voice of Wrigley Field Headed Thinking Playoffs0

    The Chicago Cubs are the sports world’s loveable losers.  They’re the team that everyone roots for because of their consistent futility, it’s been over 100 years since they won a World Series.  The last time they were in the playoffs, well it was going so well until a lazy foul ball down the left field