• The Art of the Hot Timeout

    The Art of the Hot Timeout0

    The hot timeout.  The kind of timeout that takes the fans to the next level.  They’re on their feet cheering something great from the home team, the visiting team calls timeout and the fans are carrying the noise well into the timeout.  They’re quieting down, but you’ve got a hot timeout and you should have

  • Announcing Outdoors?  Get A Tent!

    Announcing Outdoors? Get A Tent!0

    The majority of the events we all as announcers work, have some sort of organized media area.  Be it a scorers table or pressbox, there’s typically a place for us to set-up and feel official.  What happens when you arrive to a location that doesn’t have anything set-up and you’re left fending for yourself? If

  • Being At The Centre of Attention

    Being At The Centre of Attention0

    The Washington Kastles have put up some pretty impressive numbers during their short tenure in Mylan World Team Tennis, and for the last three-plus years, I’ve had the chance to be front-and-nearly-center for all the home matches as the team’s DJ. And when I say front-and-near-center, I’m on the court, behind a table, right behind

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