• P. A. Announcer News – May 13, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – May 13, 20240

    It’s time to take another look at the world of P. A. announcing. We see some reactions from the public, Guy Junker of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the News; a gaffe in the boxing ring; the Long Island Ducks are looking for a some folks on the mic; and more stuff gets thrown on the

  • P. A. Announcer News – March 23, 2024

    P. A. Announcer News – March 23, 20240

    A lot of news out of the Bay Area as the news of Renel Brooks-Moon stepping down is really starting to get the eyes of a worldwide media. The San Francisco Giants have announced plans on how they’re going to move forward this year. Also a brief note about Paul Strelzin who was the first P. A. announcer to be ejected from a game.

  • P. A. Announcer News

    P. A. Announcer News0

    Renel Brooks-Moon stepping down at the P. A. Announcer for the San Francisco Giants is big news today in the world of sports for many reasons. Renel, thank you for being a trailblazer!

  • Job Opening: Boston Red Sox DJ (Spring Training)

    Job Opening: Boston Red Sox DJ (Spring Training)0

    The Boston Red Sox are looking for a DJ and sound technician for their Spring Training games in March & April.  Since this is a seasonal job, those in Southwest Florida should take notice, along with those who may have family in the area and would enjoy a few weeks in the Florida sun. The

  • Job Opening:  Texas Rangers Youth Ballpark Announcer

    Job Opening: Texas Rangers Youth Ballpark Announcer0

    The Texas Rangers have a youth ballpark they are looking to staff this upcoming season.  One of the roles is an announcer who is responsible for announcing line-ups, keeping score, perform advertisements and play music during rentals and tournaments at the Texas Rangers Youth Ballpark. This is a first-job and not something to relocate for

  • Announcer Line-ups

    Announcer Line-ups0

    We’ve begun posting the daily P. A. announcer line-ups on Twitter.  Find them by following us @SportsAnnouncin.  You can also see the tweets at the bottom of the home page on our Twitter feed.  We’re also working on posting the line-ups daily on the website as well.  So far, we’re tracking the P. A. announcers