• The Guide To A Proper Pronunciation Guide

    The Guide To A Proper Pronunciation Guide0

    The pronunciation guide can be as valuable as gold, or as useless as yesterday’s trash. The guide below will help you develop a pronunciation guide that is useful for all who are behind a microphone.

  • Pronunciations Are Important To Us

    Pronunciations Are Important To Us0

    Pronouncing a person’s name is important, it is their identity and how people interact with them.  It’s important to P. A. announcers to get names right.  Recently, internationally known P. A. announcer Mike Markham put this thoughts on the topic on electronic paper and speaks to many great reasons we are so adamant we get

  • Names Are Important

    Names Are Important0

    The number one thing to remember when announcing, is to get names right.  Ask the coach, ask the player, ask the moms, ask the trainers, find anyway to get the names right. One thing that we’ve noticed a lot of recently is the number of lower-level coaches who don’t know their players names.  That seems