• Summer Survival Kit

    Summer Survival Kit0

    It’s hot out, unbearable in some places, but not all announcers get to have the comfort of an air conditioned pressbox to work with so here is  a list of some items to have with you when the weather gets hot and unpredictable. Water – hydration is very important and you should stay well hydrated. 

  • Job Opening:  Cedar Valley CourtKings P. A. Announcer & More

    Job Opening: Cedar Valley CourtKings P. A. Announcer & More0

    The Cedar Valley CourtKings are looking to solidify their game operations for the season and looking for a P. A. announcer for their home games. The CourtKings are also looking for people to fill the following positions: Mascot National Anthem Singers (When and When Not To Play The National Anthem) Kings Ladies Cheer/Dance Team Ball

  • Bill Roberts Appreciated For 40 Years

    Bill Roberts Appreciated For 40 Years0

    For every Bob Sheppard, there’s a thousand Bill Roberts’, the announcers who go unnoticed outside their communities, but are as much a part of the fabric of the town and the local high school as the bricks that were use to build the school. The Recorder: Jaywalking: Mr. Roberts It’s not really known when Roberts

  • What To Do In An Emergency Situation

    What To Do In An Emergency Situation0

    The role of the announcer is to tell people what they need to know, however sometimes we need to give them emergency advice in an instant, that we may not know.  Don’t leave yourself in a situation of uncertainty and do an emergency scan of the facility in the event something happens. When we announce

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