• What To Do In An Emergency Situation

    What To Do In An Emergency Situation0

    The role of the announcer is to tell people what they need to know, however sometimes we need to give them emergency advice in an instant, that we may not know.  Don’t leave yourself in a situation of uncertainty and do an emergency scan of the facility in the event something happens. When we announce

  • P. A. Announcement: Baseball/Softball Starting Line-up0

    It’s time to meet the starting line-ups for today’s/tonight’s game, first for the visiting [visiting team proper name and nickname]. Leading off, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting second, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting third, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting fourth, the [position], number ___, [name] _________________________. Batting fifth, the

  • P. A. Announcement: Debris Thrown on Playing Surface0

    First Announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, fans are asked not to throw objects onto the playing surface at any time.  It is dangerous and unfair to the participants and may cause unnecessary injury.  Any fan that is caught throwing objects within the seating area, onto or near the playing surface will be removed from [name of