• Happy New Year To All and Be Safe!!!

    Happy New Year To All and Be Safe!!!0

    Stay safe, typically this time of year we are finishing a hockey tournament known as the Purple Puck, but with COVID-19 still an issue, teams and tournaments are taking a break. This is a good thing for all as we work to get the vaccine out and get back to something resembling normal. Please be

  • Bryan Main Calls it a Career

    Bryan Main Calls it a Career0

    Bryan Main, who has been the voice of San Diego State University sports for over two decades as decided to call it a career. Here is a story on Main from the Times of San Diego. Prolific Announcer Hangs Up Microphone After 2,000 Games Over 35 Years Main also spent time in NCAA Bowl games,

  • Are We Making It Harder On Ourselves?

    Are We Making It Harder On Ourselves?1

    Technology was created to make our lives simpler, however by trying to create something so simple we are starting to create more work and more demand on ourselves with little, none or even a negative return on the time/monetary investment. It’s great to have a method to keep all of the information you need at

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