• John Franzone Creates A Lightning Show

    John Franzone Creates A Lightning Show0

    John Franzone has seen a World Series, an inaugural game and season, a Stanley Cup, and hung out with Mickey Mouse in his career that’s taken him from the New York Yankees, Disney, Tampa Bay Devil Rays and finally Tampa Bay Lightning.  Mix in there a Frozen Four and a few other high profile events,

  • Major League Baseball Walk-Up Music

    Major League Baseball Walk-Up Music0

    Major League Baseball has taken researching walk-up music to the next level by not only putting up a website with each team’s walk-up music, but also an app for your mobile device. In addition to all the social media functions you get in the app, you also get ballpark and player entrance music with the

  • Brushing With The Big Time

    Brushing With The Big Time0

    In all the years I’ve been announcing sports, I’ve never announced a Major-professional sporting event.  I have, however, DJed for a Major League Baseball team (Tampa Bay Rays in 1998), National Hockey League team (Washington Capitals 2013-2014) and National Basketball Association team (Washington Wizards playoffs 2014) on a fill-in basis, in addition to working with