• When You Don’t Have An Anthem

    When You Don’t Have An Anthem0

    This time of year there are a lot of tournaments that take place with multiple games at the same time and playing the National Anthem gets kind of stale if you do it before every game.  The general rule of thumb is to play the National Anthem before the first game of each session.  A

  • When the Flag Is Not There

    When the Flag Is Not There0

    With the start of scholastic sports seasons just around the corner, there will be circumstances in which the American flag won’t be displayed.  Broken flag poles, lost flags, snapped ropes, or general oversight can cause the American flag to not be displayed.  How, as P. A. announcers, are we to handle it?  Simple, the US

  • Job Opening:  Cedar Valley CourtKings P. A. Announcer & More

    Job Opening: Cedar Valley CourtKings P. A. Announcer & More0

    The Cedar Valley CourtKings are looking to solidify their game operations for the season and looking for a P. A. announcer for their home games. The CourtKings are also looking for people to fill the following positions: Mascot National Anthem Singers (When and When Not To Play The National Anthem) Kings Ladies Cheer/Dance Team Ball

  • Santa Claus Sings The National Anthem

    Santa Claus Sings The National Anthem0

    Santa made an appearance at a couple of Washington Capitals games in December, but his appearance on December 18 before the Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning battled was to sing the National Anthem. Russian Machine Never Breaks: Santa Claus Sung the National Anthem Before the Caps Game (Video) Monumental Network caught Santa’s singing ability. And

  • When and When Not To Play the National Anthem

    When and When Not To Play the National Anthem0

    There have always been a lot of questions when it comes to the National Anthem and addressing the flag.  We’re going to take a look at the proper procedure for displaying the flag, behavior and performance of the National Anthem. Cornell University Law School’s web site contains US Code for the National Anthem which is

  • P. A. Announcement:  National Anthem

    P. A. Announcement: National Anthem0

    The National Anthem is performed prior to the start of most sports contests.  The guidelines and announcements in this post can help you regardless of the country in which you’re announcing.  The keys to remember are directing fans attention to the performer or flag, reminding fans to remain at attention until the colors have been