• The Second Female P. A. Announcer

    The Second Female P. A. Announcer0

    Last Sunday marked the 24th anniversary of a moment in Baltimore Orioles and Major League Baseball history that passed by without so much as a mention by many.  In fact we even missed the anniversary of Kelly Saunders becoming the first female in Orioles history, and just the second female in Major League Baseball to

  • Major League Baseball Walk-Up Music

    Major League Baseball Walk-Up Music0

    Major League Baseball has taken researching walk-up music to the next level by not only putting up a website with each team’s walk-up music, but also an app for your mobile device. In addition to all the social media functions you get in the app, you also get ballpark and player entrance music with the

  • Announcing ‘Outside’ Your Comfort Zone

    Announcing ‘Outside’ Your Comfort Zone0

    Welcome to the world of sports announcing, where hockey is played indoors, football outdoors, and the announcer resides comfortably in a pressbox out of the elements, or courtside in a nice comfy chair. But what happens when that isn’t the case.  In almost 25 years of sports announcing, I’ve announced in some pretty interesting places,

  • Bob McDonald, National Anthem Performer0

    The National Anthem can make or break your show, even before it really starts.  A good anthem can help to energize the crowd, while a bad performance can really take the energy out of a building quicker than a power outage.  There have been times game producers were hoping and praying for a power outage

  • Minor League Stories:  Let Them Be Royals

    Minor League Stories: Let Them Be Royals0

    Yesterday, the Kansas City Royals won the American League pennant for the first time in 29 years and advanced to the World Series by sweeping the Baltimore Orioles.  It’s not the first time a Royals team has beaten an Orioles team to advance to a championship though. The series though was filled with a lot