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Cover Songs with Originals

This week we take a look at popular songs that have been covered by another band, sometimes with the cover being a bigger hit.  Now, we’re not going to look at everything Linda Ronstadt performed as she was once known as the “Cover Queen”, we’re going to look at songs that you may or may not remember having a cover or original version.  One factor we are considering is the amount of time between the original and the cover.  If it’s a matter of a couple of months or years then they’re pretty close.  We’re looking at a significant amount of time of 10 years or more between songs.

It’s My Life – Talk Talk (Original)

No Doubt (Cover)

No Doubt came out with their version in the early 2000’s with much success as the song received a lot of airplay.  You may have forgotten the original version.  Both are acceptable for play.

In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins (Original)

Nonpoint (Cover)

The original was an 80’s anthem by one of the 80’s top stars, the cover was used in a movie about a 1980’s TV show and has found its way into the sports world as a very nice and dramatic build.  Both versions have been heard at sports events however, with the former being used as a walk-up song, while the latter is used for pump videos.

Mony Mony – Billy James and the Shondells (Original)

Billy Idol (Cover)

Both rock both are sports anthems, however the more updated song does rock a little harder.

I Fought the Law – The Bobby Fuller Four (Original)

The Clash (Cover)

This is another case of both songs sound great on their own merit.  Both can be used for penalties, or any other time the authority figures in the game win the argument.

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder (Original)

Red Hot Chili Peppers (Cover)

For older musical aficionado, don’t be surprised to hear people say, “this is a cover”?  Yes, yes it is.  It’s rare that two artists take the same song to such epic levels, but both versions have their own pluses, but RHCP does a great job of getting you to want to get up and dance.

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

Johnny Cash (Cover)

Wait, what?  I thought Johnny Cash was like 1,000 years old, Depeche Mode is only from the 90’s.  Yes, Cash actually recorded this shortly before his 2003 death, but offered a completely different sound to the song that DM sent out with a pumping and thumping beat.

Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell (Original)

Counting Crows (Cover)

Both are beautiful songs but Adam Duritz put a little more soul into a soulful song.  Adding Vanessa Carlton really turned this folk song into a contemporary hit that told a story.

Tainted Love – Gloria Jones (Original)

Soft Cell (Cover)

WHAT?!?!  One of the songs of my childhood is a cover?  A song that is the very definition of a generation is a cover?  Really?  And it’s not even the more upbeat of the two songs?  That’s correct, both are playable at games due in part to the popularity of Soft Cell’s version being a little slower it has a great call-and-response to it.

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – The Police (Original)

RA (Cover)

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